Amy Louise Rodriguez, the owner of Wellness Beauty, ventured into her passion for skincare and brow sculpting at an early age. She realized the importance of brow shape in complimenting one's features. A strong brow is a youthful brow. She started doing shaping on her own brows and soon worked on friends and family.

Amy has studied many methods and techniques during her more than 15 years in the beauty industry and she has further refined her own method of unique brow shaping. There is truly a passion and art to understanding the skin and how to create the best brow shape for one's features.

Amy graduated from I.T.S Academy of Beauty College of Aesthetics in Plano, TX where she received her degree in Aesthetics. She has since worked in Med Spas, Days Spas, and one of the top rated Spa Resorts in the nation. Amy also has continued her art in education and has traveled to New York, Dallas, L.A. and Miami for training and courses in new innovative skincare techniques. She has studied under some of the worlds top mentors in skin care and brow Sculpting. Amy continues her passion for eyebrow shaping in Austin at her own studio!